SECT. 1 | Pencils

A light stroke defines shapes,
tells a story, an image emerges
for those who want to see beyond the visible
for those who want to imagine…
graphite emotions.

SECT. 2 | Indian Ink

Faces, expressions in black & white,
a glimpse of textures surfacing from the white canvas,
evolve, capture the attention
of those who want to observe
beyond the already known.

SECT. 3 | Mixed Technique

A game of shapes and impossible objects
follow through my imagination
in a world of absurd and grotesque,
where designing the useless
is king.

SECT. 4 | Digital

New means elogiate pixels
as the smallest virtual elements,
to explore never seen before worlds, sensations,
visions and evolutions…
to the limit of reality.

SECT. 5 | Sketches

The hand draws, writes, shakes
in the white canvas where ideas come alive,
communicate rapidly
what the mind…
…is able to imagine.